We administer vaccinations for many preventable illnesses. This includes travel vaccines as well as vaccines that can prevent many other short term and long term illnesses. Vaccinations may be available from your own doctor but these are often only given at a certain age or time of year. We offer the following vaccinations all year round. We also offer vaccinations at short notice.

Shingles Vaccine £175

This single vaccine Prevents the painful burning rash of shingles.

Pneumococcal Vaccine £60

This vaccine protects against the most common strains (23 in total)  of Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria. One one is needed for long term protection

ChickenPox Vaccine £140 (for both)

This Vaccination gives patients protection from the chickenpox virus. TWO vaccinations are given SIX weeks apart.

Rabies Vaccine £150

This involves a course of THREE injections to be given within a 28 day period.

HPV (warts) Vaccine £450 (Three injections)

This vaccination is for adults who want protection against the HPV virus. The vaccine protects against 9 different strains of HPV. It can help prevent Genital Warts, HPV related cancers in both Men and Women. It involves 3 injections over a course of a few months.

Meningitis B Vaccine £250 (Two doses)

Influenza Flu Vaccine £20

The common winter flu Vaccine

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Cholera Oral Vaccine £80

This involves TWO doses SIX weeks apart. This vaccine reduced risk of severe cholera induced diarrhoea in areas of high risk.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine £200 (Two Doses)

This vaccine is available for those planning to travel to high risk areas. It involves TWO doses 7-28 days apart.